How to Kill Fleas Outside Your House Without Using a Flea Bomb

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Fleas aren’t just a pest inside the house; they’re annoying outside too. And the dangerous bit is that you can carry them inside without warning. So how do you stop this? You learn how to kill fleas outside, of course.

How to Kill Fleas Outside Your House Without Using a Flea Bomb

Exterminating fleas outside your house is just a matter of maintaining your yard.


Nematodes are parasitic microscopic worms that are found worldwide. They live in the soil, fresh water and even in the frozen landscapes of the polar regions. Some species of beneficial nematodes are used for combating pests like termites and ants. And these are the same ones that you can use for your flea problem.

Top Flea Killing Solutions

You can buy these tiny organisms in your local garden shops. Just combine the nematodes with water in a watering can or in a bucket, and pour the mixture all over your yard.

The nematodes serve as a biological weapon. They feed on flea larvae and other developing insects in the yard. They enter through their mouths or rear ends and devour the pests from the inside.

After applying this treatment, you’ll see results within a few days. Just make sure to spray areas that don’t get a lot of sun, or just do it during cloudy or rainy days. These tiny worms can’t survive under too much heat.

Additionally, most reports tell that nematodes are safe for both humans and pets. However, there have also been tales of these worms entering cats and dogs, and causing health problems. Whatever the case, making sure pets don’t enter areas being treated is a safer and better way to use this method. As the saying goes, better safe than sorry.

Dish Soap

Sometimes, you don’t have to go overboard and spend a lot to know how to kill fleas outside. Simple tricks can work wonders just as well as expensive treatments.

This simple trick, in particular, involves a lot of dish soap and buckets of water. All you have to do is mix water with the dish soap and pour it all over your yard.

Take note that this method doesn’t automatically kill all the fleas outside. Flea larvae eat debris in the soil, and this can be anything from flea feces to unhatched eggs. What the dish soap does is that it mixes itself into larvae food and poisons them, effectively stopping the larvae from reaching adulthood.

Don’t forget to use non-toxic dish soap so that none of your pets and your plants will get harmed. Stay away from powdered soap since most of them can be toxic to your grass. If you can, buy the antibacterial and “natural” ones in your local supermarket.


Go biblical on them, and flood the lands with water. Well, at least your patch of land anyway.

According to Flea Bites, you should flood your lawn with a hose and drown the flea eggs and larvae with water. The water will also take away the debris that the larvae eat, so you’ll also be starving them to death.

This might be the easiest way to deal with fleas in your lawn. But remember that this method only works for lawns that drain easily. You don’t want your yard to become a swamp area and attract even more pests.

How to Keep Fleas Out of the Yard

Learning how to kill fleas outside is one thing. Keeping the fleas away is another. So to make sure that no fleas will ever invade your yard again, here are some tips to stop a reinfestation from happening.

  • Mow your lawn regularly. Tall grass can catch flea eggs falling from people and animals. Keep a tight schedule when it comes to cutting the grass to a good length.
  • Do some weeding. Weeding has the same function as mowing. You want to stop plants from catching flea eggs from animals passing by.
  • Build a fence. Speaking of animals, the best defense that you can have against the flea infested ones is to prevent them from ever setting foot in your yard. Construct a fence. Make sure it’s tall enough to humanely keep unwanted animals out.
  • Prune trees and shrubs; let the sun in. Cut tree branches and get rid of overgrown bushes. Fleas love moist and cool places. So, as much as it would be very inconvenient to get rid of some shade in the yard, you have to.
  • Use cedar mulch. For SF Gate's Home Guides, using cedar chips is one good way to keep fleas off. Cedar has cedrol, and it releases an aroma that repulses fleas. You can also take this idea further by building your fens and your dog houses from cedar.​

Overall, knowing how to kill fleas outside and how to keep them from reinfesting ultimately makes your home safe from them.

Just remember: the key is to maintain your yard. Wild things appear when wild things grow there.

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