How Long Does Termite Treatment Last? What To Expect:

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Termites are one of the most indomitable pests in the world. Which is why, homeowners are always interested to answer questions like, “how long does termite treatment last?” or “where are the different termite hotspots?”

Although they can be found everywhere, there are some places that are more prone to termite infestations. These small critters bury themselves in any wooden material in your house and consume large parts of it. This often results to expensive structural damages. Sometimes, they also eat pages of books, and even insulation.

Thankfully, there are termite treatments available in the market. While there are plenty of companies offering termite control services all over the globe, homeowners can apply these termite treatment themselves.

Top DIY Termite Killing Solutions


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how long does a typical termite treatment last?

Buyers usually consider the brand, the price and the volume of the termite treatment they purchase. They consider the duration of the efficacy of the product since experts suggest that the number of times a buyer applies the termite treatment is often equated to the efficacy of the product and that of the kind of treatment used.

There are mainly two kinds of treatments; one is the liquid treatment while to other is the bait. The first kind of treatment requires application of the solution on the soil, or in other areas close to the infested part of the house. This serves as a barrier solution to put off other termites from coming into your house. The liquid version is also available in a non-repellant form. They work differently because termites aren’t able to sense this substance. Both of these treatments can last up to 8 years.

The latter kind of treatment does not involve pumping chemicals into the soil or drilling them in the affected structure. Instead, this treatment works as a trapping device that can be positioned in the termite hotspot areas in your house. They can last considerably longer than the liquid treatments but they are far more complicated to set up.

Are there termites that are more resistant to treatments?

There are not enough studies made to establish whether or not these bugs have developed resistance over the years. But it is known that they avoid places where they see a lot of dead termites.

Termite baits have grown a good reputation in the market because they work by slowly poisoning the termites.

The termites that touch the bait will pass on the toxic substance from the material to the other termites. Liquid treatment on other hand works fine as well, but once the group of termites senses the repellant, they find other entry points for their target areas. This in turn results to continued infestations in areas that are not protected by the repellant.

Affected home owners have the option to combine the power of the two kinds of treatment and at the same time strategize on the more effective location on where they would position the bait and apply the liquid treatment. Experts suggest to DIY house owners to avoid spot treatments. They strongly recommend them to focus on perimeter treatments instead.

When is the best time to use termite treatment?

Termites are well known to proliferate some time in spring. The warm temperature makes them more viable for successful reproduction. It means that during this period, swarmers, or the winged termites can be seen emerging in different parts of the house. They fly inside houses, shed off their wings, mate and lay eggs in the soil. Their offspring will then migrate to the wooden parts of the house.

Some winged termites might be seen emerging from your garden or your yard, while others are seen emerging near the foundation of the house. If the swarmers emerge from areas far from the house, then it might not be a cause of concern, otherwise, it is suggested that you reinforce the termite treatments you have within the perimeter of your house.

Is it a health issue?

There are some people who are concerned about the effects of termite treatments to their health. Rest assured that these substances have undergone necessary tests before they made it to the market. Apart from that, most of the liquid treatments are odorless. The bait treatments work well too as they are mostly located far from the house. If in doubt, you can consult your physician about your prevailing health concern with that of the product you will use.


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