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Do It Yourself Ant Control

Bed Bugs vs Ants – Facts and Tips on How to Tell Their Bites Apart
Insects differ from one another. This may seem like it’s no big deal. But when it comes to bed bugs[...]
How to Get Rid of Ants – Complete Guide To DIY Natural Ant Treatments
Tired with all those ants messing up your kitchen? You came to the right place! Fight Bugs is here to[...]
Ants Near the Front Door – Why Are Ants Near My Entry Doors?
Whether it’s an unsettling amount of ants near the front door or just a few stragglers here and there, there’s[...]
Why are There Ants Even if There’s No Food in the House?
You clean every chance you get. There's not a single bread crumb on the floor. But why are there still[...]
Where Ants Get Inside of Your House – 6 Ways that Ants Enter Your Home
Ants can climb on to anything to get into your home. They’re everywhere! On your sink, on the floor, inside[...]
How To Kill Fire Ants – Simple Fire Ant Treatment Tips
In the Southeastern United States as well as a few other Western regions of the country, fire ants are a[...]
Kill Ants without Killing Grass – 4 Tips to Get Rid of Ants In Your Yard
We all want that prize winning lawn. But how do we achieve a fantastic looking yard if there are ugly[...]
Do Ants Like Dog Food? How to Stop Ants from Eating Your Dog’s Meals
Why do ants keep attacking your pet's bowl? Do ants like dog food? Yes, absolutely! Ants will eat just about[...]
Does Salt Kill Ants? What Really Happens When Salt Touches Ants
When it comes to ants, there are plenty of treatments out there. One of them uses salt, a common ingredient[...]
Do Ants Like Cinnamon? The Real Score Between Ants and the Spice
Cinnamon is a widely used ant treatment. However, a lot of videos and posts have popped up to criticize it.[...]
Where Do Ants Go When It Rains? How Ants Really Survive the Rain
Ants are small, but they’re hardy. Anything normal for us like bread crumbs and marbles are massive to them. So[...]
Ants Near the Toilet – How to Get Rid of Ants in the Bathroom
Did you just find ants near the toilet? No, that’s not your imagination. As gross (and a little creepy) as[...]
Pet Safe Ant Sprays – DIY Solutions And Which Products Are Best
Ants can be an incredibly annoying problem for a home that has pets. While these tiny bugs may seem as[...]
Which Ants Bite? 4 Common House Ants that Bite or Sting
Ants may be small, but their bites can be very painful. CC Image courtesy of John Tan on Flickr ALL[...]
Are Ants Dangerous? 2 Reasons Why You Should Get Rid of Ants Now
Ant bites can range from a mild irritant to life threatening, depending on the ant and the number of bites.[...]
What Do Ants Eat?
What Do Ants Eat? "What do ants eat", you ask?    Ants eat everything.  With a side of anything.  And nothing[...]
Fire Ant Bite Treatment – How To Treat A Painful Fire Ant Bite
If you've suffered from a fire ant bite, you may be concerned for your own safety and not know what[...]
Do Ants Like Vinegar? Or Is Vinegar A Good Treatment For Ants?
Aside from cooking, white vinegar is used for so many things. If you read a lot of life hacks, you[...]
Do Ants Like Sugar? The Major Reasons Why Sugar Attracts Ants
Sometimes, we drop the occasional sugary cereal on the floor and find out that ants have already gotten to it.[...]
Where Do Ants Go at Night? Do Ants Sleep? 2 Major Questions Answered
Ants can act differently in the dark, but not that much. CC Image courtesy of Sancho McCann on Flickr Have[...]
Termites vs. Ants: How to Really Tell the Two Insects Apart
To effectively get rid of termites, you have to go back to the basics. Meaning, you have to know what’s[...]
Ants Near the Sink – Tips on How to Get Rid of Ants in the Kitchen
Your kitchen is the ant’s strike zone. The different food kept in there are their main priority, and they don’t[...]

Do It Yourself Bed Bug Control

Bed Bugs vs Head Lice – What’s Really Staying in Your Hair
This time, we have no idea which is actually worse. But it’s important that we have to be able to[...]
What eats bed bugs? Spiders? Roaches?
Bed bugs are a huge problem in today's society. They were once nearly extinct from the North American region, but[...]
Does Alcohol Kill Bed Bugs? How Alcohol Really Affects Bed Bugs
At one point, we’ve noticed how alcohol affects bugs. It’s deadly to them, so does that mean that they’re deadly[...]
Bed Bugs vs Ants – Facts and Tips on How to Tell Their Bites Apart
Insects differ from one another. This may seem like it’s no big deal. But when it comes to bed bugs[...]
Bed Bugs vs Hives – How to Tell If It’s Just a Bite or an Allergic Reaction
When it comes to mysterious red marks, it’s important that you know where they come from. Knowing their origin helps[...]
Does Bleach Kill Bed bugs? The Lowdown
The quick, "I'm in pinch here," answer to "does bleach kill bed bugs?" is "Yes". DONE. However, some elaboration is[...]
How to Deal with Bed Bugs with a Newborn Baby in the House
Any person, young or old can get bitten by bed bugs. Babies, in particular, are the most at risk since[...]
Bed Bugs vs. Fleas? What Kind Of Bites Do I Have?
Have you ever felt like you’ve been bitten by something but can’t quite guess what it is? You might have[...]
Do Bed Bugs Jump? Breaking the Myth on Jumping Bed Bugs
It’s a creepy thought, but do bed bugs jump? Can they really jump and cling to you? With a barrage[...]
Home Remedies for Bed Bugs – How To Prevent & Get Rid of Bed Bugs Fast
Bed bugs aren’t your typical pest. They’re not just parasites that constantly feed on our blood, giving us a god[...]
Can You See Bed Bugs? The Looks, The Labels, The Lowdown.
By Laura Kindell Before we answer the common question, “Can you see bed bugs?” we should first go over the basic[...]
What Color Are Bed Bugs?
Bed bugs were virtually non-existent for almost 50 years. Before the 1950’s they were associated with run down houses and[...]
What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?
Do you think you may have bed bugs in your home, but you're not sure? Bed bugs are so tiny[...]
Does Lysol Kill Bed Bugs? Why Lysol Isn’t Good for Killing Bed Bugs
We buy cleaning products to get rid of germs, and one of the most popular tool that we use is[...]
Bed Bugs vs Scabies Bites – How to Tell Them Apart
Human scabies is a very scary condition that involves parasites that sound like they came from a science fiction movie.[...]
How Long Do Bed Bug Bites Itch? Tips and Facts About Bed Bug Bites
After confirming that you’ve been bitten by bed bugs, the immediate thing that you might ask yourself is how long[...]
Does Ammonia Kill Bed Bugs? Use Ammonia to Get Rid of Bed Bugs
Bed bugs are difficult creatures to kill. They can even survive through bombs that are made specially for them. But[...]
Can You Use Tea Tree Oil For Bed Bugs?
Essential oils are commonly used for warding off pests. One of the more popular ones is tea tree oil. Now[...]
Are Bed Bugs Attracted to Light? Popular Myths about Attracting Bed Bugs
Bed bugs are common household pests. But sometimes, you have to wonder what makes them come to you. Are bed[...]
What Kills Bed Bugs? Tips For Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs Yourself
Bed bugs have recently made a resurgence to become one of the most difficult indoor pests to control today.  They[...]
Are Bed Bugs Deadly? The Real Reason Why Bed Bugs are Dangerous
Maybe you’ve asked yourself before, are bed bugs deadly? Why should you get rid of them when they’re not as[...]
How To Detect Bed Bugs – Pictures Of What To Look For
While bed bugs have been around for a few thousand years, they have been virtually undetectable since the 1950’s. In[...]
What Attracts Bed Bugs? Tips For Avoiding a Bed Bug Infestation
While bed bugs were once a thing of the past, they are currently a growing issue in North America. The[...]
Can Bed Bugs Bite Through Clothes? Why Long Clothing Doesn’t Work
Bed bugs bites are menacing. They’re itchy and more than uncomfortable if there are a lot of them. However, a[...]
When Bed Bugs Bite, Do They Die? A Closer Look at How Bed Bugs Bite
Bees die after they sting, but bed bugs have a very different story. So when you ask yourself these questions:[...]
Can Bed Bugs Live in Your Hair? The Truth About Bed Bugs on Your Head
Got a weird itch on your head. Got bed bugs in the house. If you put two and two together,[...]
Bed Bug Bites vs. Mosquito Bites – Which One Do You Have?
At first glance, it is difficult to tell whether you have a bed bug bite or a mosquito bite. They[...]

Do It Yourself Bee Control

Killing Carpenter Bees with WD-40 – Does It Really Work?
Got carpenter bees in your hose but no pesticides lying around? How about using a lubricant? Among the many anti-carpenter[...]
Why Do Carpenter Bees Hover? Reasons for Carpenter Bee Encounters
Carpenter bees are known to follow humans in various situations. And if you’ve experienced that, you know it’s anything but[...]
How to Remove Carpenter Bees Without Killing Them
Killing bees didn’t matter a long time ago. But now, everything has changed. Getting rid of them turns out to[...]
What To Do For A Bee Sting
By: Carolyn Jones Maybe you're out for a stroll in the park, or playing water balloons with the kids across[...]
How Do Carpenter Bee Traps Work? A Look Inside This Effective Bee Trap
So you've bought yourself a carpenter bee trap. But do you know how it works? It might not sound awfully[...]
How to Get Rid of Carpenter Bees – DIY Solutions
There are 500 species of carpenter bees. These bees, unlike termites, do not consume wood. They just use woods to nest.[...]
Do Bumblebees Die When They Sting You? How Bumblebee Stings Work
Stinging. This defensive act is normal for bees. However, many homeowners seem to believe that all bees sting like honey[...]
8 Plants that Honey Bees Like – A List of Top Bee Attracting Plants
There are literally hundreds of plants that honey bees like. However, some of them are such bee magnets that’s they’re[...]
Why are Carpenter Bees a Problem? Reasons Why These Bees are Hated
There’s an odd view that favors honey bees over their other buzzing cousins. This is logical since honey bees produce[...]
4 Reasons that Explain Why Honey Bees are Important to Humans
Many of us have heard about the butterfly effect, but only a few people know about the bee effect. Well[...]
Are Bumblebees Aggressive? Why a Bumblebee Will Sting You
Bumblebees are bigger than honey bees. And because of their bulky appearance and deep buzzing noise, they’re often thought to[...]
What Makes Honey Bees Aggressive? Reasons that Explain Bee Hostility
We typically see honey bees as one of the most docile insects out there. But that’s not always the case.[...]
Carpenter Bees vs Honey Bees: How to Tell These Bugs Apart
To get rid of the bees terrorizing your home, you have to be able to tell them apart. And in[...]
What Do Carpenter Bees Drill Holes With? How These Bees Build Nests
In our previous post, we talked about how you can keep carpenter bees from drilling holes into the wooden surfaces[...]
How To Get Rid of Bumble Bees
Seeing one or two bumble bees around your home isn’t necessarily a cause for concern. If you discover that you[...]
How to Get Rid of Bees – DIY Solutions to Bee-Proof Your Home
We know bees as the typical flying insects that love to collect pollen and nectar. But sadly, we know them[...]
Do Bumblebees Sting or Bite? The Bumblebee’s Least Known Weapon
Two of the most common defensive mechanisms in the animal kingdom are biting and stinging. Typically, a bug can sting[...]
Do Carpenter Bees Like Cedar Wood? How Cedar Affects Carpenter Bees
Carpenter bees are heavily dependent on wood for nesting. So it makes sense to come up with a type of[...]
Where Do Bumblebees Nest? Common Nesting Locations for Bumblebees
If you plan on getting rid of the bumblebees in your yard, you have to find their nest first. But[...]
When Do Honey Bees Mate? Things to Know About Honey Bee Swarms
Learning when bees mate is a nice piece of information to know, especially when you’re planning outdoor activities. With this,[...]
Why Do Carpenter Bees Chew Wood? Some Facts About Their Nests
Carpenter bees are named as such because of their penchant for woodworking. But why do carpenter bees chew wood? Do[...]
Can Honey Bees Live Without a Queen? How Queenless Hives Work
Long may she reign! But if she doesn’t, will the hive remain? Because honey bees are getting scarcer, it’s important[...]
Do Bumblebees Live in Hives? Common Nesting Habits for Bumblebees
Bumblebees aren’t solitary insects. But how do they live? Do bumblebees live in hives? If they do, how do you[...]
How Long Do Bumblebees Nest For? Factors that Affect Bumblebee Nests
If you have bumblebees currently buzzing around your yard, is it a good idea to just wait for them to[...]
Are Carpenter Bees Pollinators? The Plants that Need Carpenter Bees
Sure, we know all about the helpful honey bees and how they fly from plant to plant to distribute pollen.[...]
What are Carpenter Bees Good For? The Benefits Carpenter Bees Bring
Sure, honey bees are appreciated because of all the honey and beeswax that they make. But what about carpenter bees?[...]
Do Bumblebees Make Honey? The Buzz on Bumblebee Honey
Are honey bees the only bugs that can make honey? How about bumblebees? Do bumblebees make honey? Well, it turns[...]
What Do Bumblebees Eat? The Bumblebee’s Usual Diet
What do bumblebees eat? Virtually all bees eat the same thing, so bumblebees shouldn’t be any different. Flowers are also[...]
Are Ground Bees Dangerous? What You Should Know About Ground Bees
A great number of bees are solitary, and a vast majority of them live underground. This is why it’s easy[...]
Where Do Honey Bees Build Their Nests? The Process of Nest Finding
One of the initial steps in getting rid of honey bees is to know where they’re hiding. Of course, you[...]
6 Methods That Can Help You Get Rid of Bumblebee Nests
Are there bumblebees in your yard again? You need to dispose of their nest if you want those stingers to[...]
Bumblebee vs Honey Bee – How to Tell Them Apart
From afar, they oftentimes look the same. But bumblebees and honey bees are totally different when it comes to appearance[...]
Are Carpenter Bees Active at Night? Carpenter Bee Removal in the Dark
They say that bee removals work better at night. That’s because bees are generally less active during that time. However,[...]
Dispelling the Myth – Do Carpenter Bees Like Pressure Treated Wood?
A lot of homeowners love to build with pressure treated wood. That’s because it’s said to be ‘resistant’ to pests.[...]
Why Do Carpenter Bees Chase Me? Reasons Why Carpenter Bees Attack
Have you ever been chased by a carpenter bee? If you have, then you know it’s anything but pleasant. But[...]
Do Bumble Bees Sting? You Bet They Do…
If you find yourself with a possible bumble bee issue on hand, you may be wondering where to start. Generally[...]
When Do Honey Bees Eat? Honey Bee Feeding Times and Habits
We know about honey bee queenlessness, but what do we know about their feeding habits? For example, what do they[...]
What Keeps Carpenter Bees Away? 8 Ways to Repel Carpenter Bees
How do you stop carpenter bees from coming and drilling into the wooden surfaces of your house? Well, there’s only[...]
Are Carpenter Bees Attracted to Sugar? Using Sugar in Bee Traps
We humans love sugar. Even if too much of it is dangerous to our health, we simply can’t get enough[...]
How To Get Rid Of Yellow Jackets – Simple DIY Tips
You may have found that you have a yellow jacket problem around your home. This is a scary thing for[...]
How Long Do Bumblebees Live? Waiting for Bumblebees to Clear Out
It’s a common dilemma. You have bumblebees somewhere in your property but shocking reports from TV and the internet are[...]
Where Do Honey Bees Hibernate? How Honey Bees Live Through Winter
If most bees can survive through winter, how about honey bees? Where do honey bees hibernate? Do they even hibernate[...]
Bumblebees vs Carpenter Bees: How to Tell Them Apart
Even though both these bees can easily be mistaken for the other, there are plenty of ways to tell them[...]
5 Methods that can Help You Remove Honey Bees without Killing Them
First of all, we’d like to commend you for looking for humane ways to get rid of honey bees. Since[...]

Do It Yourself Flea Control

Lemon Spray to Kill Fleas? Real and Reliable Ways to Use Lemons Against Fleas
When dealing with fleas, we see posts that talk about lemons all the time. But is it really that effective?[...]
Using Borax to Kill Fleas – The Dangers Not Many Homeowners Know
Borax is a popular option for pest control. But there’s more to this method than just throwing powder into your[...]
Bed Bugs vs. Fleas? What Kind Of Bites Do I Have?
Have you ever felt like you’ve been bitten by something but can’t quite guess what it is? You might have[...]
How Long Does It Take to Get Rid of Fleas? And Other Treatment Issues
One of the most important factors in flea pest control is time. We constantly ask exterminators questions like “How long[...]
Does Salt Kill Fleas in Your Carpet? The Truth About the Salt Treatment
The salt carpet treatment is popular online. It’s a cheap alternative that a lot of homeowners swear by, even though[...]
Does the Dryer Kill Fleas? How to Launder Items with Fleas
Does the dryer kill fleas? We often get that question because many of our flea removal tips involve washing clothes[...]
Vacuuming Fleas – The Benefits and the Drawbacks
When fleas are around, the homeowner’s first line of defence is the humble vacuum cleaner. But not many realize how[...]
Flea Bites vs Mosquito Bites
Have you ever had an insect bite, but you didn’t know what insect bit you? In the majority of cases,[...]
Does Hot Water Kill Fleas? How To Use Warm Water to Kill Fleas
Does hot water kill fleas? If it does, how can we use it to protect our house from these bugs?[...]
Are Fleas Dangerous? 5 Reasons Fleas Shouldn’t Be Taken Lightly
We know that they're an annoying fact of life, but are fleas dangerous? Why should you get rid of them[...]
Everyday Things That Can Explain Where Fleas Come From
Suddenly experiencing a barrage of fleas from out of nowhere? You might want to check your pets and your property.[...]
Where Do Fleas Hide? Checking the Right Places For Flea Treatments
Tried treating your house but the fleas keep coming back? Well, that’s because you’re not looking hard enough. We mean[...]
Do Fleas Jump? If So, How High Can They Go?
Fleas are very small, yet they’re known to spread around. So how do they do it? Do fleas jump? And[...]
Does Chlorine Kill Fleas? Questions About Bleach & Fleas Answered
Does chlorine kill fleas? Chlorine does to fleas what pretty much any harsh chemical does to insects. But does using[...]
The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Flea Eggs
More than a half of an entire flea population is made up of eggs and larvae. And for every adult[...]
Does White Vinegar Kill Fleas? How to Use White Vinegar for Fleas
Does white vinegar kill fleas? Yes. In fact, all vinegars can kill fleas, including the most popular one which is[...]
How To Get Rid Of Fleas – Treating a House, Pets and Humans
Fleas are one of the worst pests that can ever enter our homes. Not only are they voracious blood suckers,[...]
How to Get Rid of Fleas on Hardwood Floors Without Compromising the Wood
Controlling fleas on uncarpeted surfaces can be a challenge. That’s because you’re limited to using treatments that don’t have water[...]
Can Fleas Live in Clothes? The Itchy Truth Behind Fleas Infesting Clothes
Having mysterious bites on your body can lead to speculations of some type of insect hiding there. One pest that[...]
How Long Does Diatomaceous Earth Take to Kill Fleas?
Diatomaceous earth is a popular pest control product that has circulated the internet for years. But a lot of people[...]
How Fast Do Fleas Multiply? Important Facts About Flea Reproduction
What if you’ve only spotted one flea in your house for a couple of days? Would you think it’s an[...]
Best Home Remedies for Fleas – 6 Natural and Herbal Flea Treatments
Before buying chemical treatments for an infestation, we’ve always been tempted to try homemade solutions first. That’s because they sound[...]
How Long Do Fleas Live? – Frequently Asked Questions About Fleas
We get asked about pest-related questions a lot. Questions like “How long do fleas live?” and “Can fleas live without[...]
How Fleas Spread – Three Major Factors that Help this Pest Move
You just had a flea treatment last week. And now, they’re are back again! Where did you go wrong? Well,[...]
Can the Cold Kill Fleas? How Fleas Survive Through Winter
It’s no surprise that there are incredibly stubborn pests out there. Bed bugs can live without food for more than[...]

Do It Yourself Hornet Control

Do Hornets Like Cedar? How Cedar Wood Really Affects Hornets
The mighty cedar tree is a popular option when it comes to pest control. And why shouldn’t it be? It[...]
How to Kill Wasps: Effective Methods for Warding Off Wasps
By: Laura Silvashy Maybe you recently had a picnic in your backyard that was plagued with wasps. Maybe you are[...]
Which Hornets Live in the Ground? Wasps that Live Below Ground
Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of walking over something and with a blink of an eye, suddenly feel[...]
Do Hornets Like Vinegar? How to Use Vinegar to Trap Hornets
We often get asked about internet-inspired bug traps and baits. And one of those questions is Do hornets like vinegar?[...]
Where Do Hornets Hibernate? Places Where Hornets Stay During Winter
It’s a well-known fact that hornets don’t mix well with winter. But do they hibernate? And if they do, where[...]
Hornets vs. Bees – How You Can Tell The Difference
Most of the time, when others look at a hornet, they compare it to a bee. And it makes sense[...]
How To Kill Hornets Without Sprays – 5 Simple and Natural Hornet Solutions
When you find hornets in the house, it’s just so easy getting a “hornets be gone” spray from the cupboards.[...]
Wasp Nest Removal – How To Do It Safely
By: Moriah Arn Wasp nest removal can be very dangerous. When a nest is found in your home, shed, garage[...]
Why Do Hornets Hover? Everyday Things that Actually Attract Hornets
Have you ever experienced relaxing on a quiet Sunday picnic when suddenly, a large hornet starts to hover over you?[...]
Why are Hornets Important? Top 4 Benefits that We Get from Hornets
Like all creatures, hornets have their own way of giving back to the environment. Their eating habits benefit humans, and[...]
What Hornets Eat – The Things in Your Home that Hornets Find Appetizing
Hornets are technically omnivores, so they’re capable of eating a variety of things. This may seem like unnecessary information to[...]
Spraying Hornets with Water – Does it Really Work?
In theory, water is supposed to kill all types of bugs because of how they breathe – they get their[...]
Why Do Hornets Attack? 3 Reasons + How You Can Prevent Them
Homeowners are divided when it comes to hornets. Some say they’re aggressive, but some experts believe they’re peaceful insects that[...]
What Keeps Hornets Away? Easy Solutions to Repel Hornets
Hornets are usually not a big deal when they nest in forests or in some place uninhabited. But they can[...]
When are Hornets Most Active? The Best Time to Remove Hornet Nests
Planning to remove a nest? You may be thinking of doing it when the hornets are in their most docile[...]
What Do Hornets Do in the Winter? How Hornets Deal with the Cold
During winter, we take out the thickest coats, sip hot coco inside or even go out and enjoy ski trips[...]
Do Hornets Like Honey? The Hornet’s ‘Complicated Attraction’ to Honey
Honey is great for many things. It’s a snack, a cooking ingredient and a medicine for minor health problems. This[...]
When Do Hornets Build Their Nests? The Hornet’s Nesting Schedule
Hornets have a schedule that allows their kind to survive even during the harshest season of the of year. They[...]
Where Do Hornets Like to Nest? 7 Common Hornet Nesting Places
Once a hornet queen is old enough, she ventures out on her own to start a new colony. And she[...]
Hornets vs. Yellowjackets – How to Tell the Two Wasps Apart
When you search for hornets online, you get a barrage of pictures of yellowjackets. Why is that? These bugs aren’t[...]
Do Hornets Like Light? Why Hornets Seem to Attack Windows at Night
Since you’ve stumbled your way here, we’re guessing that you’re curious about hornets and their attraction to light. But what[...]
Hornet Nest Removal: How To Get Rid Of Hornets
Hornet nest removal can be a tough process that is highly dangerous without extra precautions. But do not fear! Any[...]

Do It Yourself Lice Control

Does Lysol Kill Lice?
A question people often ask during a lice outbreak is, "Does Lysol Kill Lice?” Let’s find out! What is Lysol?[...]
Lice Eggs vs Dandruff
Dandruff and head lice are two common conditions from which many people suffer. Although they are similar in some respects,[...]
Will Bleach Kill Lice?
Head lice are every parent’s nightmare. And in the U.S., it’s reckoned that around 12 million preschoolers and kids up[...]
How to Tell if You Have Head Lice
When there’s an epidemic of head lice at your child’s school, you may feel a little itchy. But is that[...]
What Do Head Lice Look Like?
It’s estimated that between six and 12 million kids under the age of 11 are infested with head lice every[...]
Will Rubbing Alcohol Kill Lice?
During a lice outbreak, many people who don’t want to use strong pesticide shampoos on their children’s’ heads turn to[...]
Essential Oil Lice Repellent Spray
Head lice are commonly seen in kids between the ages of three and 12. It's no coincidence that lice infestation[...]
How Long Do Lice Live Without a Host?
There are many urban myths surrounding head lice, including that you can catch head lice from your bedding or even[...]
Listerine for Lice: Does it Work?
If you have kids, there’s a good chance they’ve brought head lice home from school at least once. Lice are[...]
What Do Lice Eggs Look Like?
Head lice are minute parasitic insects that live on the human scalp. Lice feed by biting the scalp of their[...]
What Brand of Hair Dye Kills Lice?
In the US alone, it’s estimated that up to 12 million children aged between three and 11 get head lice.[...]
Where Do Head Lice Come From?
According to recent government statistics produced by the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, between 6 and 12 million[...]

Do It Yourself Mosquito Control

Do Mosquito Traps Work? What You Should Know Before You Buy One
There’s a real demand for mosquito traps all over the world. Many companies and homeowners even swear by their effectiveness.[...]
Mosquito Control Without Pesticides – 8 Natural Ways To Do It
With today’s liberal use of chemicals, it’s no wonder that many homeowners have decided to go ‘natural’ in solving their[...]
3 Reasons that Answer: Why Do Mosquito Bites Itch More at Night?
Mosquito bites itch because some of the bug's saliva is injected into our skin. The saliva has anticoagulants that stop[...]
How To Kill Mosquito Larvae
By: Alex Dunman Mosquito larvae, also known as “wigglers”, are the second stage of mosquito life. Let's learn about how[...]
Everything You Need to Know About Mosquito Dunks and Bits
Mosquito dunks are an effective, natural and non-toxic way to get rid of all your mosquito problems. But when you[...]
Does Camphor Repel Mosquitoes? How to Use Camphor for Mosquitoes
Many homeowners claim that camphor is a cheaper alternative to commercial mosquito repellents and that its natural origins also make[...]
What Happens to You When Mosquito Bites Don’t Heal?
Bug bites are uncomfortable and annoying to deal with. But when mosquito bites don’t heal, you could be dealing with[...]
Do Frogs Eat Mosquitoes? How Frogs Help with Mosquito Problems
When news about the Zika virus spread, there was a staggering demand for pet frogs everywhere. And it’s not surprising[...]
Why Do Mosquitos Bite Me? 3 Things Mosquitos Can’t Resist
With summer fast approaching, most people's minds are filled with a slew of outdoor activities. Backyard sport, romantic picnics, and[...]
The 5 Best Mosquito Repelling Plants: Lose the Chemicals
By: Kaitlyn Butts What attracts Mosquitoes? Many of us get bit by a mosquito now and then; some people more[...]
Bugs that Eat Mosquitoes – 4 Beneficial Insects that Can Help Your Home
Nature has a way of balancing things. Prey have predators have to check on their numbers while dying plants and[...]
How to Make a Eucalyptus Tree Mosquito Repellent
Eucalyptus is the common name for a genus for tall trees that have a very powerful minty smell. You may[...]
Is that a Mosquito or Tick Bite? How to Tell Their Bites Apart
Even though almost all bug bites look the same, there’s still a real need for you to be able to[...]
Is the Mosquito Attracted to Light? And Do Colored Lights Repel Them?
You’ve heard it before, mosquitoes flocking around a single lightbulb and a bug zapper luring them in using a simple[...]
How Mosquito Repellents Work – What You Should Know About DEET
Keeping mosquitoes off is no simple task, and choosing the right method to accomplish that job is equally as hard.[...]
Mosquito Trap 101 – How To Build Your Own
Mosquitoes are one of the most common pests, and also one of the most annoying. When the female mosquito bites,[...]
Mosquito vs. Spider Bite – How Tell Their Bites Apart
A lot of insects bite. But two of the worst biters of all time are probably mosquitoes and spiders. These[...]
Mosquitoes vs. Gnats – How to Tell these Insects Apart
Since they belong to the same suborder, gnats and mosquitoes have many similarities, including the way they look. This leads[...]
5 Home Remedies that Deal with Mosquito Bites Near the Baby’s Eye
Got mosquito bites near the baby’s eye? Don’t fret. We got just the right remedies for you. The skin on[...]
Do Fish Flies Eat Mosquitoes? Some Flies That Feed on Mosquitoes
Fish flies are common insects found in a lot of countries in the west. But many people mistake them for[...]
Does Lemongrass Repel Mosquitoes? The Truth About Lemongrass
If you’ve come across this aromatic grass, we guess that a lot of people may have told about its ability[...]
Flea Bites vs Mosquito Bites
Have you ever had an insect bite, but you didn’t know what insect bit you? In the majority of cases,[...]
Are Mosquito Dunks Safe for Dogs? What You Should Know About Dunks
Mosquito bits and dunks are made from a bacterium called Bacillus thiringiensis israelensis, a kind of naturally occurring soil microorganism[...]
How to Kill Mosquitoes in Your Yard – Get Rid of Mosquitoes Today
Asking how to kill mosquitoes is a tricky question because there are so many ways that you can do it.[...]
Where Mosquitoes Lay Eggs – The Top Places Where Their Larvae Hide
Are you currently experiencing annoying mosquito problems at home? That’s probably because they live near you! So to get rid[...]
Does Smoke Get Rid of Mosquitoes? The Truth About this Practice
Note: this article may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase using one of these links, I may be[...]
Do Wasps Eat Mosquitoes? Insects and Animals That Feed on Mosquitoes
If you’re looking for natural predators to combat mosquitoes, you might have thought of wasps. But do wasps eat mosquitoes?[...]
Do Marigolds Repel Mosquitoes? Planting Marigold to Keep Bugs Away
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Do Citronella Plants Repel Mosquitoes? The Truth About Using Citronella
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10 Diseases that Prove Why Mosquito Bites are Dangerous
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Do It Yourself Roach Control

How Roaches Spread – 7 Ways Roaches Use to Spread in Houses
Roaches are very hardy insects. They can live in difficult environments and can even survive for a month without food.[...]
Are Roaches Attracted to Salt? How to Use Salt to Repel Roaches
Because of the bacteria and the enzymes inside a roach’s stomach, it’s been said to be capable of eating virtually[...]
Which Mulch Attracts Roaches? How to Keep Your Mulches Roach-freem
Mulches don't only make your yard look better; they protect the soil from erosion and weeds. They also give additional[...]
Boric Acid Roach Killer – Baits and Common Mistakes in Using Boric Acid
Boric acid is a popular ingredient that’s used in a lot of household products. It's used in making glass, laundry soaps and[...]
Roaches in Car – How to Get Rid of Roaches Inside Your Vehicle
When you type “ roaches in car ”, you’d probably think that you won’t get any good results, since you[...]
How to Get Rid of Roaches – The Complete Guide To Killing Cockroaches
The Oriental cockroach is found in damp areas, woodpiles and in basements that remain moist or have been flooded. Finding[...]
Where Do Roaches Go in the Winter? How Roaches Survive Snow Season
Roaches are very tough creatures, not because they bring deadly diseases but because they’re incredibly difficult to kill. They can[...]
Does Bleach Kill Roaches? Why Bleach Is Not a Good Roach Killer
Since pesticides have a nasty reputation of having harmful chemicals, we often look for less conventional ways to solve our[...]
Bugs That Look Like Cockroaches – What do you think?
If you have found an insect in or near your home, you may be wondering what it is. There are[...]
Are Roaches Attracted to Coffee? How to Handle Coffee Loving Roaches
Are roaches attracted to coffee? Most of the time, yes. Many homeowners have had troubles when these insects nesting inside[...]
Cockroach Poop – Here’s What It Looks Like
If you have found yourself with a cockroach infestation you will not only have to deal with cleaning up the[...]
Practical Reasons that Explain Why Roaches Die on Their Back
If you’ve seen dead roaches, you know most of them die in a uniform-like fashion - lying on their backs[...]
Are Roaches Dangerous? 5 Reasons that Prove How Dangerous They Are
Humans have long been afraid of roaches. But sometimes, a lot of us don’t even know why. Is it because[...]
What Roaches are Attracted To – Top 10 Roach Attractants in Your House
Can the cleanest house still get a cockroach infestation? Of course. Even the tidiest house can have these pests running[...]
The White Cockroach – is it Really Albino or Something Else?
Seeing a white cockroach may stun you and freak you out a little bit. They aren't incredibly common and opinions[...]
Which Plants Repel Roaches? 3 Plants that Really Work Against Roaches
Controlling roaches using store-bought chemical pesticides is not appealing to some homeowners who prefer to make their own natural bug[...]
Where Do Roaches Come From in Apartments? Tips to Keep Roaches Out
We always see roaches popping up out of nowhere. They seem like they’re everywhere. But actually, there are specific places[...]
Tips on How to Kill Roaches Without Harming Pets
A pet’s safety is one priority that we should keep in mind when we look for pest control options for[...]
Are Roaches Attracted to Wood? Tips on Getting Rid of Wood Roaches
It might get asked sometimes, but the answer is really quite obvious. Are roaches attracted to wood? Yes. That’s because[...]
Why Roaches Hate Light – How to Use Light to Repel Roaches
Roaches are known to hide in the darkest corners of the house, and they scurry off when you shine a[...]
Where Roaches Hide – 10 Common Hiding Places for Cockroaches
Knowing where roaches hide is one of the most important initial steps in eradicating them from your home. These insects[...]
Do Roaches Bite? The Answer May Hurt A Little…
If you have recently discovered a roach infestation in your home you may be asking yourself, “do roaches bite?” Not[...]
Water Bug vs. Cockroach – Which One Is in Your House?
Given their similar appearances, water bugs are usually confused with cockroaches. The truth is that there are a lot of[...]

Do It Yourself Spider Control

Are Spiders Attracted to Light? Why Spiders Go Near a Light Source
Have you ever noticed spiders camping near a lightbulb? If it likes to live in the dark so much, what’s[...]
How to Get Rid of Daddy Long-Legs: Easy Methods that Work
Despite how they look, daddy long-leg spiders are actually pretty easy to kill. All you have to do is pick[...]
How To Kill a Black Widow Spider With Insecticide
Black widow spiders are a scary thing, especially if you find one in or around your home. You may not[...]
Which Spiders Bite Humans? A List of the Most Common Biters
Let’s face it. Spiders are pretty scary. They have fangs and venom that can cause serious health issues. So when[...]
7 Methods that Keep Spiders Out of the Basement
Learn how to keep spiders out of the basement with these simple tips and tricks. Now you can turn your[...]
Tea Tree Oil for Spiders – Why It Works and How to Use It
Tea tree oil is used as a cleaning agent and a beauty product because of its antibacterial and antifungal properties.[...]
What Attracts Spiders? Things that Invite Spiders Indoors
We’ve been there. Spiders can’t seem to leave your house alone. It’s horrible and you want to look for removal[...]
Using Peppermint Oil for Spiders – Why It Works and How to Do It
If you're tired of using the same old spidercides that don’t seem to work, why not try using peppermint oil[...]
How to Get Rid of Spiders – DIY Methods that Keep Houses Spider-Free
There’s just something about spiders that drains the blood out your face. These eight-legged creatures are hard enough to look[...]
Where Do Spiders Come From? A List of Spider Entryways in the House
When it comes to getting rid of spider infestations, the best defence isn’t a good offense. The best defence is[...]
How to Kill Spider Eggs and Spiderlings – 5 Natural Methods that Work
If you have cobwebs in your house, then you definitely have tiny baby spiders to worry about. With these pests,[...]
Does Permethrin Kill Spiders? What You Should Know About this Pesticide
Have you ever heard of permethrin? If you have, does permethrin kill spiders? Does it work against these eight-legged arachnids?[...]
Does White Vinegar Keep Spiders Away? How to Use Vinegar to Repel Spiders
Despite having a lot of commercial pesticides and repellents out in the market today, many homeowners still prefer to do[...]
Do Ant Killers Kill Spiders? Ant Insecticides and How They Can Kill Spiders
Ant killers are insecticides that mainly focus on getting rid of ants. These can range from DIY natural sprays to[...]
Do Walnuts Repel Spiders? The Truth Behind this Nutty Story
Is using walnuts effective against spiders? Or is this just an old wives’ tale? Do walnuts repel spiders? Here’s what[...]
5 Spider Repellent Plants that You Should Keep in your Yard
If you’re tired of dodging webs and spiders while you work on your yard, here’s a list of spider repellent[...]
How To Get Rid Of Spiders With Natural Spider Repellent
By Bethany Baker Why use chemicals and harm other people as well as the spiders? Natural spider repellent methods are as[...]
Lemon Oil for Spiders: What You Should Know About this Repellent
You’ve heard about using orange oil and peppermint oil against spiders, but what about lemon oil? How do you use[...]
Does Lavender Repel Spiders? How to Use Lavender to Ward Off Spiders
A lot of us know that lavender can be used to deter pests like fleas and spiders. But does it[...]
How to Get Rid of Spider Nests – DIY Tools and Methods that Work
Knowing how to get rid of spider nests isn’t that difficult. All you need are the right tools in your[...]
Which Spiders Are Deadly? 8 of the Most Dangerous Spiders on Earth
If you’re scared of spiders, then you have a very good reason to be. Not only are these alien-like creatures[...]
Do Spiders Like It Cold or Hot? What Spiders Do During Cold Seasons
You may have read somewhere that spiders are attracted to warm places. And you might have thought that it was[...]
How to Repel Wolf Spiders – 5 Ways to Keep These Sprinting Spiders Out
Wolf spiders are unlike the usual arachnids that stay on their webs. They’re movers and fast sprinters, making them extra[...]
How to Keep Spiders Out of Your Bed – 10 Simple Tricks that Work
Having a furry eight-legged spider on the bed is a horrific nightmare that can also happen in real life! So[...]
Do Bug Sprays Kill Spiders? What to Look for When Buying Spidercides
Most bug sprays sold right now have a bad reputation for not being to deal with spiders. Yes, they can[...]

Do It Yourself Termite Control

Do Termites Fly
By: Olivia Nell Have you recently noticed sawdust-like piles throughout your home or mud-like trails along some of your outside[...]
Are There Ants With Wings? Or What Kind of Bug Is This?
The only pest worse than ants are ants with wings. Saying these things are annoying is an understatement. If you[...]
Do Termites Like Sand? How to Keep Termites Out with Using Sand
There a lot of soil varieties, but most subterranean termites love to move around the moist kind. Sand, on the[...]
Flying Ants? Here’s What To Look For
Flying ants can be a big pain, especially when they are swarming around a particular area. Luckily they primarily seen[...]
Do Termites Eat Bamboo? Some Bamboo Facts You Should Know
Bamboo is one of mother nature’s best gifts. It’s strong, versatile and durable for something that’s not actually wood. But[...]
An Appetite for the Dead – Why do Termites Eat Dead Wood?
Nature has its ways of cleaning up after itself. Termites eat dead wood to recycle it back to the ground.[...]
Types of Termites You’ll Find In Your Yard
Termites aren't something many homeowners think about. Finding out you may have an issue with them can be a little[...]
Does a Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Termite Damage?
Scenic windows, warm interiors, a blossoming garden – a picture perfect home you’ve got! This is until you see bugs[...]
Do Termites Bite People and Pets?
Termites are small insects that can be helpful and harmful at the same time. They help in decomposing dead wood[...]
Are Termites Blind? 2 Senses Termites Use to Move Underground
Termites are more sophisticated than most people think. They lack some body parts that humans have to communicate and go[...]
Termite Bond Cost – Is It Really Worth the Hassle?
Nobody likes having pests around the house. I'm not talking about your kids, but real pests like insects, rodents, etc.[...]
What Color Are Termites? How To Identify Termites Correctly
Every year when termite colonies mature, alates or reproductive termites go out to start new colonies. This happens once or[...]
What Do Termites Look Like?
Termites are a destructive insect pest that you absolutely don't want on your property. Wood-eating termites are often mistaken for[...]
Termites and Cedar: Does Cedar Repel or Attract Termites?
Termites are one of the worst pests you can ever encounter in your home. They destroy more homes than typhoons[...]
Are Termites Decomposers or Consumers? What’s the Difference?
With our constant struggle with termites, it makes sense to “know” more about them and to get more info as[...]
Do Termites Like Pine Straw Mulch? Unexpected Facts About Pine Straw
Pine straw is one of the most popular mulches in the US. Its eco-friendly nature, amazing use for landscaping and[...]
Why Do Termites Need Moisture? The Facts On Why Termites Love Water
It's a fact that termites need moisture. It's practically their closest friend. They don't just need it for building their colonies.[...]
Do Termites Like Cypress Mulch? Surprising Truths About Cypress Mulch
Cypress mulch is another staple for a lot of yards out there. Its dark color gives a sharp contrast to[...]
Termites or Dry Rot? How to Tell Wood Damages Apart
So you’ve found something fishy in one corner of your house, decaying wood that used to be a solid part[...]
Termites vs. Ants: How to Really Tell the Two Insects Apart
To effectively get rid of termites, you have to go back to the basics. Meaning, you have to know what’s[...]
How to Get Rid of Termites – The Ultimate Guide to DIY Termite Treatment
Silent destroyers, that’s what they’re called. These little insects cause more property damage yearly than giant typhoons. For a long time,[...]
How Do Termites Spread? 4 Things Termites Use to Move through Your Home
Termites are always on the lookout for new food. They can forage for about 150 feet around their colony just[...]
When Do Termites Swarm? The 4 Things You Need To Know…
Flying termites – basically, that’s what they are. Termite swarms or termite alates come by the thousands. They’re especially annoying[...]
Termite Droppings: How To Spot Termite Poop vs. Saw Dust In Your House
If you learn to spot termite droppings and understand  how to distinguish them from their common lookalikes such as sawdust, then[...]
Termite Larvae – Where to Look and Why They Matter
Before they turn into full grown termites, you first see termite larvae. The process begins with the queen termite laying[...]
Are Termites Bad? Here’s the Kind of Damage Termites Cause
Termites are good as decomposers for forests and for other natural settings, but they’re totally bad news when they’re near[...]
How do You Kill Termites without Killing Plants? 3 Natural Options
Even though termites don’t eat live plants, their nesting and foraging habits make it difficult for your Daisies and Marigolds[...]

Do It Yourself Pest Control

Do Water Bugs Bite?
After seeing a water bug for the first time you may have some questions. Things like do water bugs bite[...]
Palmetto Bug – How to Identify And Get Rid of Them
When you hear someone mention a palmetto bug you may not even know what they are or even what they[...]
Are Millipedes Poisonous? Or Are They Just Harmless & Creepy?
Millipedes and centipedes are like two of worst creatures that can ever pop out of your garden. But while centipedes[...]
Stink Bug Control
Stink bug control can be a challenge. Stink bugs are becoming more of a problem than they were in the[...]
What Attracts Centipedes? Keep These Things Away From Your House
There are you are, keeping your garden clean and setting those beautiful ornamental pieces in order. But as you proceed[...]
Homemade Horse Fly Spray: Natural Repellents That Work.
Horseflies.  They are ravenous.  Who doesn't loathe them?   Today we'll discuss "all things fly repellent" with a special focus[...]
How to Get Rid of Bird Mites
So you’ve just confirmed it. Those little things biting you aren’t bed bugs at all. Those are bird mites, and[...]
How to Get Rid of Scorpions – Your Guide to Not Getting Stung
From the moment you notice a scorpion in your area, your mind likely moves directly to how to get rid[...]
How To Get Rid of Ticks On People and Dogs
Most people will encounter a tick at one point or another in their life. They can be a particularly hard[...]
Tiny Red Bugs On Concrete? What the heck are they?
After seeing tiny red bugs on concrete in front of or near your home, you may be wondering what they[...]
How To Get Rid Of Silverfish Bugs In Your Home
After seeing some silver-colored bugs in your home, you may be wondering what they are and where they came from.[...]
How To Get Rid Of Ladybugs In Your House (The Easy Way)
Ladybugs. A rather pretty name for a bug that can be such an ugly nuisance to your home. This article[...]
Homemade Bug Repellents
By: Ethan Statzer Homemade Bug Repellents This site gives you the knowledge on how to repel those nasty creatures with[...]
Ear Mites in Dogs – Prevention Tips and How To Get Rid of Them
Dogs – they’re man’s best friend. Some legends say they are angels in disguise. Some even treat them like real[...]
Do Silverfish Bite? And Other Facts About Silverfish
Finding out you have a silverfish problem isn’t pleasant. You may not have even realized how long the pests have[...]
Are Drain Flies Harmful? Helpful Facts About Diseases Drain Flies Carry
Have you ever noticed those little winged insects crawling out of your bathtub drain? Those are drain flies. These creatures[...]
Gnats – The Complete Guide To Gnat Bites and Prevention
Gnats are one of the most annoying pests you will probably ever encounter. Several questions like where do gnats come[...]
Homemade Bug Spray Recipes: 4 Simple DIY Pest Sprays To Make Today
You are sharing the house with some unwanted visitors. You need to find a way to get rid of them.[...]
Spider Bites on Dogs – How To Know When A Spider Bites Your Dog
Spider Bites on Dogs...Awareness, Detection and Protection In this article, we'd like to give you some quick but sage advice about[...]
Are Centipedes Poisonous? The Facts About Centipede Venom
Since creepy crawlies don’t exactly have the friendliest faces around, we tend to associate them with venom, poison and of[...]
What Do Centipedes Eat? Here Are The Bugs They Can’t Resist
Centipedes are as gross as they come. They have a lot of piercing pointy legs and an elongated segmented body[...]
How to Get Rid of Centipedes Around Your House
If you have nasty little centipedes in your yard, save your money first before hiring an expensive exterminator. For this[...]
What Do Crickets Eat? The Disgusting Diet of Crickets
What do crickets eat may be a question that crosses your mind if you find yourself with a cricket problem.[...]
How to Get Rid of Flies: Quickly, Easily and for Good.
How to get rid of flies? Well, flies come in a variety of shapes, sizes and temperaments.  The fly we[...]
5 Brilliant Ways To Keep Flies Away
Is there anything more annoying than a fly? Seriously, those things can be hard to swat and can end up[...]
How To Make A Homemade Fly Trap – DIY Guide
Is there anything more annoying than the common house fly? It's not that they do any major harm, but you'll[...]
How To Get Rid Of Cluster Flies – Quick & Easy Tips
This article seeks to solve the tricky little riddle of how to get rid of cluster flies.  More importantly, we'd like to equip[...]
How to Get Rid of Crickets
From the moment you begin hearing chirping outside of your window you will likely wonder how to get rid of[...]
Do Carpet Beetles Fly? Commonly Asked Questions About Carpet Beetles
Got small round bugs crawling all over your carpet? Chances are, those could be carpet beetles. These little bugs are[...]
Check out These Eyelash Mites – WARNING: You May Lose Sleep
Most people have never heard of eyelash mites, even if they have them. The entire thought of those pests crawling[...]
Dust Mite Bites or Allergies? How to Get Rid of Dust Mites
By: Emily Reutener Can A Dust Mite Bite? Dust mites DON’T bite! Shocking surprise, right? Dust mite bites are merely[...]
Complete Guide To The Potato Bug
When you hear the term potato bug, you may be unfamiliar with what it is and what it does. A[...]
How To Get Rid Of Carpet Beetles
You may have noticed some creepy-crawly bugs in your home, but you aren't quite sure what they are. After doing[...]