Best Carpet Beetle Spray

carpet beetle spray

Carpet beetles are a common pest that many people encounter in their home. Adult carpet beetles live outdoors and feed primarily on plant material and pollen. Carpet beetles are cold-blooded creatures, and they need to keep warm to survive and breed. That’s one reason why they come into your home. Also, the beetle larvae feed …

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Best Stink Bug Spray

stink bug spray

Stink bugs can be a nuisance for farmers, gardeners, and homeowners right across the U.S. During the spring and summer, stink bugs can inflict considerable damage in your garden by sucking the sap from plants and feeding on fruit and vegetables. When the weather cools, the stink bugs look for a warm shelter in which …

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Best Electric Fly Swatter

electric fly swatter

House flies, mosquitoes, bluebottles and the myriad other winged pests that invade your home during the summer months can make your life a misery. But flies buzzing around your home are not just an irritating nuisance; some flies bite, and others carry potentially serious diseases, including malaria, typhoid, salmonella, and TB among others. Also, many …

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Best Tick Repellent

best tick repellent

Ticks are blood-sucking parasites that can bite you and your pets. Ticks are generally found in woodland or in areas covered with tall grasses, where they feed on the blood of mammals and birds. As well as being unpleasant, biting pests, ticks can spread Lyme disease. The best way of protecting yourself and your family …

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Best Fly Traps

fly trap

Flies are the curse of the summer months, especially when they trespass in your home in search of food. Bluebottles and house flies buzzing can be infuriating, but flies in your house can be more than just an annoying summer nuisance. Many species of flies land on decomposing food, animal feces, and garbage. These disgusting …

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Best Grub Worm Killer

grub worm killer

Have you noticed patches of your lawn turning brown and dying, even though you’ve taken care to water and fertilize the grass? If you have, the problem is most likely caused by grub worms. Phyllophaga, to give the grubs their scientific name, are the larvae of several species of the scarab beetle. The beetles lay …

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