Do Termites Fly

do termites fly

By: Olivia Nell Have you recently noticed sawdust-like piles throughout your home or mud-like trails along some of your outside walls? Have the wooden structures in your home become increasingly darker or thinner? Are there swarming insects inside your house or in the wood makeup of your house? Then you probably have termites. Do Termites …

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Where Roaches Hide – 10 Common Hiding Places for Cockroaches

where roaches hide

Knowing where roaches hide is one of the most important initial steps in eradicating them from your home. These insects don’t hide randomly. They have specific places that they constantly go back to because of their need for moisture, food and darkness. Below are the most common hiding places for roaches. Learn about them, and …

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5 Spider Repellent Plants that You Should Keep in your Yard

spider repellent plants

If you’re tired of dodging webs and spiders while you work on your yard, here’s a list of spider repellent plants you might want to keep around. Lavender The lavender plant’s repelling properties can work on various kinds of pests. Lavender is famous for its heavenly aromatic scent. Because of this, it’s a popular additive …

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Why Do Carpenter Bees Hover? Reasons for Carpenter Bee Encounters

why do carpenter bees hover

Carpenter bees are known to follow humans in various situations. And if you’ve experienced that, you know it’s anything but comfortable. But have you ever wondered why? Why do carpenter bees hover? Why do they have a penchant for chasing people? If a carpenter bee is hovering towards you, there’s a specific reason for that. …

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Homemade Horse Fly Spray: Natural Repellents That Work.

homeade horse fly spray

Horseflies.  They are ravenous.  Who doesn’t loathe them?   Today we’ll discuss “all things fly repellent” with a special focus on homemade horse fly spray.   We know that your typical store bought spray (OFF for example) is effective at repelling most manner of flies, mosquitoes and other pests.  But OFF uses the chemical DEET as …

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What Do Ants Eat?

What do ants eat?

What Do Ants Eat? “What do ants eat”, you ask?    Ants eat everything.  With a side of anything.  And nothing leftover.  Have you ever looked up “omnivore” in the dictionary?  If so, you’ll find, most unfortunately, that a picture of an ant does NOT in fact show up.  Not even close, actually. However, we here at would …

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Best Mosquito Fogger

mosquito fogger

If you enjoy entertaining your friends and family in your yard during the summer, you’ll probably be familiar with the menace of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are not just an annoyance; some species carry an alarming number of potentially fatal diseases. It’s time to take action against these biting pests! Instead of having to douse yourself and …

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Best Lice Shampoo

lice shampoo

Head lice are unfortunately a fact of life, especially if you have kids at school. These irritating parasites are passed between people via direct head-to-head contact or from combs, brushes, and other items that carry louse eggs (nits). One effective and easy method of treating lice is to use a good-quality lice shampoo. Unlike some …

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