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What Attracts Termites? Here’s What To Get Rid Of…

Termites thrive under different conditions. As long as they have everything that they need to build a house and survive, then you can expect to find them. If there are more of these types of places in your house, then you will surely find more termites.

They are obviously irritating and may pose serious health risks too. Therefore, you need to start by determining what attracts termites and where you could possibly find one so you can easily get rid of them.

Termite on mud

Wood products

We already know that termites love consuming wood. The truth is that they only prefer the cellulose present in wood. Thus, other products that contain cellulose may also attract termites.

Top DIY Termite Killing Solutions

Cardboard and paper are among them.

Therefore, you need to throw away old papers or securely file them so termites won’t smell their presence.

In buying wooden furniture, you need to choose those that have used pressure treated lumber or woods that are naturally resistant to termites - particularly for your outdoor furniture.


If there is soil, then they have a habitat. This means that if you have potted plants with actual soil inside your house, then you increase the chances of finding a termite.

Faux plants made of plastic are preferred.

If not, you can just have fresh flowers dipped on a vase filled with water and just change the flowers every now and then.

Termites also have the ability to create a soil tunnel to protect themselves from predators. As soon as you see one inside your house, you should get rid of that source. 


In order to survive, termites need moisture. They also use water to create tubes that bridge the distance between their food sources and the tunnels where they live. Again, potted plants inside your house or near your house are not advisable.

You should also avoid leaving items containing water inside your house for a long time. If you decide to have a garden, make sure that it is located several feet away from the foundation of your house.


Termites hate winter, and they are not very active during this season. However, if they find an area inside your house that can provide them with the heat needed to survive, they will stay there.

There were researches showing that termites have the ability to enter cracks that are as small as .03 of an inch. It means that they will do everything possible to enter the heated areas of your house and stay away from the biting cold outside.

Leftover wood

We already know that termites love wood and they survive from eating cellulose contained in wood.

Therefore, it is easy to remove non-termite resistant wooden furniture or other wood materials inside the house. We forget to realize though that we have also left unused wood in our backyard or anywhere near the house. They can stay there and build a colony.

Before you know it, they have taken over!

Dark areas

If you notice, termites have the ability to dig deep without necessarily damaging the surface of the wood.

Therefore, you would think that everything is fine. As soon as you knock into that wood, you will realize that it is already hollow.


There are termites inside it that have already grown in population. This is what they normally do. They enter really small cracks to avoid sunlight from getting in. They prefer to be in areas where they are seemingly left undisturbed.

No one likes termites. They are really irritating (and scary too). Now that you know what keeps them alive and what brings them around, try your best to eliminate these things.

 The key is cleanliness. As long as they can’t find the perfect place to live and grow in number, then they will be driven out.

You also have to check wooden items inside your house. Just because they look fine from the outside does not mean there are no termites inside. If they have already infested your house, it is best to seek for help from pest control companies.

They will see to it that termites are totally dead and won’t stay in your house for good. Then, you need to keep the entire place clean so termites won’t prefer living in it.


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