How To Kill Mosquitoes

By: Melody May

Asking how to kill mosquitoes’ is a tricky question because, there are so many ways you can.  But, before we get down to that here are some ways of preventing them of even coming into or around your household. Killing and repelling mosquitoes can be done naturally and chemically but like any other creature on this planet, mosquitoes like to create more of themselves.  The selfish little buggers.  We’ll cover several methods for how to kill mosquitoes.

To prevent them from spawning their evil doings any further into our blood streams, you must know that mosquitoes will lay their eggs almost anywhere around you.  Different kinds of mosquitoes will lay their eggs in different places.  For instance, a floodwater mosquito will lay its eggs in moist ground, and a permanent-water mosquito will lay it’s eggs in ANY still water filled container.

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During the winter, female mosquitoes tend to hibernate or find haven inside moist, warm climates.  This means our houses, sheds, exhaust pipes, and gutters are at a large risk for female mosquitoes to settle into.  Although they are not as fertile during the winter because the lack of blood drinking, they are still able to feed and lay their eggs in any warm moist climate.  This also indicates that our homes are at a huge risk for mosquito metropolis.  After winter passes though, female mosquitoes will quickly start to feed and lay their eggs in puddles, or any other stilled water climate.

To prevent this from happening, the key word is water.  Mosquitoes must have water to lay their eggs, and if there is no water, then there are no eggs.  So empty out those old watering cans, clean out your moist gutters, and make sure any child’s home made mud soup, gets poured out after they are done.  Be sure to empty or switch your birdbaths weekly, and be sure to know where your run off water goes.  Pick up debris that could block the flow of water, and clean your pool or wading pool when not in use.

Some other places those mosquitoes could hide eggs in are tire swings with rainwater in them.  As said for the other objects, be sure to empty it from the container it is with held in.  To keep mosquitoes out of your home, make sure to have screened doors or screens on your windows while they are open.  This will prevent mosquitoes and any other bugs from crawling into your house through the window. These are all physical and natural ways how to kill mosquitoes or just repel them.   This is also the easiest way to prevent mosquitoes from breeding and producing in or around your home.

Why should you treat these problems seriously?

Having traveled around the world, mosquitoes have poisoned and spread illnesses into bodies.  This is why mosquitoes should be taken care of quickly and seriously.  Mosquitoes can carry diseases such as, malaria, yellow fever, and more recently viral encephalitides.  Malaria and yellow fever have traveled to the states before because of mosquitoes and used to be a health problem in Kentucky.  This problem though has been executed due to widespread public health efforts.  As said before, encephalitides is a new illness and “Encephalitis” means that inflammation in the brain is occurring.  Symptoms may consist of feverish temperatures, dizziness, and inflammation or swelling of body parts. These illnesses are caused by mosquitoes mainly in St Louis, Lacrosse, and more notably the West Nile.  Of course some of these places are nowhere near you, or maybe some are, but disease is one thing that you should take very seriously.

Diseases can also be transmitted into animals, such as horses, dogs, cats, etc.  If an animal that has been infected by a mosquito bites you, you may inherit the disease and fall ill.  The odds of getting bit by an infectious mosquito are highly unlikely, but it is never bad to precaution yourself or others from getting sick by these varmints.

It is also crucial to treat these problems when having a young newborn or baby around.  If one were to catch a disease, then it would most definitely be fatal to its feeble, and not yet established immune system.

 What Problems can mosquitoes cause?

Mosquitoes can cause more problems then just inflated itchy bulbs on your skin.  A mother mosquito can lie up to one hundred to three hundred eggs at a time.  It only takes about seven days for an egg to become a full-grown mosquito so overpopulation is a huge problem and not unlikely in certain situations. This intrudes on people’s lives outside.  In California most places are protected by public health efforts but the ones that are not protected are bombarded with mosquitoes.  These places are more likely to be in low-density areas in foothill, mountain, or desert regions.  People tend to protect themselves by building outdoor decks with screens on them or tend to stay inside.  Overpopulation can result in egg-polluted water from dead mosquito eggs, and this can affect children’s play during the summer.

How to kill mosquitoes Overpopulation during the summer can cause public health workers to take action.  They try to kill mosquitoes by flying helicopters or planes over certain areas spraying them with mosquito killers.  This is a chemical way that mosquitoes are killed.  This liquid is not harmful to plants, but is harmful to children and older adults with sensitive skin.  When these occur, people must go inside and wait for the plane to pass until they may return back outside.  These only take about 15-30 minutes for the liquid to come down in a mist form and kill the mosquitoes.  The liquid is later washed out by rain and drains into the soil not harming the plant life.  This is also done in another form.  Instead of using planes or helicopters, drivers with a huge ventilator attached in the trunk drive around and distribute the liquid closer to the human environment.  Certain chemicals are used to kill or prevent the mosquitos’ growth.  Overpopulation is the main problem with mosquitoes.

How to kill mosquitoes

Repelling mosquitoes is a hard task when thought about, but in reality is very simple.  If the situation has not grown into an overpopulating state then it is easy to compress them into less numbers.  Overpopulation results in sometimes ecosystem changes.  Men will put mosquito-eating fish into man-made lakes and let the fish eat them until the numbers decrease.  Over population is not always the source of problem though.  People repel mosquitoes using things that counteract with the female mosquitoes environmental cues, such as C02, heat, and water vapor.  The most used chemical to repel mosquitoes is deet, (N,N-diethyl-3-methylbenzamide). Deet repels mosquitoes increasingly as the chemicals appliance rate does.  Another chemical that is used is 3M Ultrathon.  This is more likely to be used in the military.  Another repellent is citronella.  This is a repellent but does not work as well as deet.  Another, more of an exception, would be MosquitoSafe.  This is a formula based on geranoil.  This is tested safe by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Bug spray consists of deet making it repellent to mosquitoes and other bugs.  Deet is not harmful to the skin but is harmful to your eyes, and mouth.  Do not let it into your body.  Deet though, is the best repellent, and finding bug sprays with deet in them are sure to work for hours.  These are all chemical ways of killing or repelling mosquitoes. These are the government’s ways on how to kill mosquitoes; unlike the ways we would kill or repel them.  But, they have the right ideas to get you started on how to kill mosquitoes.

What are ways I can get rid of Mosquitoes Myself?

Repelling mosquitoes yourself can be hard, but it’s fun to come up with ways to repel them yourself.  One way to repel them is to put deet or bug spray into a fan’s air filter and turn on the fan.  You should do this outside while having a cookout or picnic.  The deet repels the bugs and the fan allows you walk freely without the deet applied to your skin.  The air from the fan also counteracts the wings of most mosquitoes making it hard for them to land more precisely and less able to come at you easier.  Also, to get them out of your yard you can use foliage sprays on your bushes or plants to prevent mosquitoes from settling there. Another way for you to repel mosquitoes is to spray them with aerosol.  If one creeps into your house you can easily eliminate it with aerosol. These are ways that you can repel or kill mosquitoes chemically.

Smelly candles can also be used as a repellent.  Simply place a scented candle within a few feet of you and the number of mosquitoes will decrease.  And, like all insects or animals, mosquitoes have a predator.  Birds like to snack on mosquitoes so a way to decrease the number of mosquitoes is to build or buy birdhouses and set them in or around your yard.  This will help keep the numbers low and add a new element to your back or front yard.  These are ways that you can repel mosquitoes or kill them naturally.

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