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Where Do Spiders Come From? A List of Spider Entryways in the House

When it comes to getting rid of spider infestations, the best defence isn’t a good offense. The best defence is knowing the answer to the question Where do spiders come from?​This way, you’ll be able to seal those possible entry points and prevent these eight-legged arachnids from further increasing their numbers, especially if you’re actively […]

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Using Peppermint Oil for Spiders – Why It Works and How to Do It

If you’re tired of using the same old spidercides that don’t seem to work, why not try using peppermint oil for spiders? It’s natural, effective and it smells amazing too! Peppermint oil can turn into a very aromatic spider repellent.Does peppermint oil work?Peppermint oil’s repelling abilities are known to send bugs like hornets, bumblebees and […]

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