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What Attracts Spiders? Things that Invite Spiders Indoors

We’ve been there. Spiders can’t seem to leave your house alone. It’s horrible and you want to look for removal methods as soon as possible. However, focusing on these won’t solve your problem. You should figure out what attracts spiders before trying to get rid of them. This way, you’ll be cutting your chances of […]

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Does Permethrin Kill Spiders? What You Should Know About this Pesticide

Have you ever heard of permethrin? If you have, does permethrin kill spiders? Does it work against these eight-legged arachnids?Well, we did the research, and here’s what we found out. There aren’t a lot of pesticides that can kill spiders.What’s permethrin?Permethrin is an odorless synthetic insecticide that’s produced using the chrysanthemum flower. Currently, it’s used […]

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