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How to Make a Eucalyptus Tree Mosquito Repellent

Eucalyptus is the common name for a genus for tall trees that have a very powerful minty smell. You may have heard of these trees when Koalas are being featured on TV. But lately, Eucalyptus have become even more popular because of another animal, one that’s not cute at all – the annoying tiny mosquito.The […]

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Does Camphor Repel Mosquitoes? How to Use Camphor for Mosquitoes

Many homeowners claim that camphor is a cheaper alternative to commercial mosquito repellents and that its natural origins also make it less dangerous to use. But do all these claims hold water? Does camphor repel mosquitoes? Let’s find out.What’s camphor?Camphor is a waxy substance that’s typically used for coughs, colds and minor irritants like insect […]

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