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Are Mosquito Dunks Safe for Dogs? What You Should Know About Dunks

Mosquito bits and dunks are made from a bacterium called Bacillus thiringiensis israelensis, a kind of naturally occurring soil microorganism that can kill mosquito larvae.These products are famous for pest control, and they’re used in many homes. But when words like “bacteria” and “microorganisms” are involved, it makes a lot of us anxious. Are mosquito […]

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Do Citronella Plants Repel Mosquitoes? The Truth About Using Citronella

Citronella and mosquitoes are often mentioned together in the same sentence. That’s because citronella oil is one of the most popular repellents that have ever existed. But does it really work? And how about live plants, do citronella plants repel mosquitoes? Does planting it solve all your worries on invading mosquitoes? Let’s find out.What’s citronella?The […]

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Does Camphor Repel Mosquitoes? How to Use Camphor for Mosquitoes

Many homeowners claim that camphor is a cheaper alternative to commercial mosquito repellents and that its natural origins also make it less dangerous to use. But do all these claims hold water? Does camphor repel mosquitoes? Let’s find out.Camphor tablets are handy for keeping mosquitoes away. CC Image courtesy of _sarchi on FlickrWhat’s camphor?Camphor is a waxy […]

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