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Natural Ant Killer

By: Jacob Thomas Before we dive into natural ant killers, let’s get some background on ant behavior. Ants are insects that live together in cooperative colonies. Depending on the species, the colony may range from hundreds to thousands, or even millions of ants in a single colony. Within each colony are different types of individuals, […]

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Wasp Nest Removal – How To Do It Safely

By: Moriah Arn Wasp nest removal can be very dangerous. When a nest is found in your home, shed, garage or any other part of your property, you need to know how to remove it safely. With these quick steps and interesting tips you can learn how to remove a wasp nest in the fastest […]

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Mosquito Trap 101 – How To Build Your Own

Mosquitoes are one of the most common pests, and also one of the most annoying. When the female mosquito bites, she injects saliva into the skin where the blood has been taken. It may seem like these are just harmless bites, but some of the mosquitoes carry various illnesses that can be transmitted through the […]

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How To Kill Mosquito Larvae

By: Alex Dunman Mosquito larvae, also known as “wigglers”, are the second stage of mosquito life. Let’s learn about how to kill mosquito larvae. I’m sure we all know the mosquito very well. From ruining picnics and bonfires, to causing those itchy bumps we all hate, the mosquito species has a bad reputation with us […]

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