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Best Home Remedies for Fleas – 6 Natural and Herbal Flea Treatments

Before buying chemical treatments for an infestation, we’ve always been tempted to try homemade solutions first. That’s because they sound cheaper, safer and even more “natural” than conventional commercial methods. So it totally makes sense to look for the best home remedies for fleas before resorting to flea bombs.This is why we’re counting down some […]

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Can the Cold Kill Fleas? How Fleas Survive Through Winter

It’s no surprise that there are incredibly stubborn pests out there. Bed bugs can live without food for more than year while roaches can survive through freezing temperatures. But the question remains; are fleas one of them? Can the cold kill fleas? Can they survive through the harshest season of the year?Let’s find out. Fleas […]

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